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| Posted by: Ryan Burdock

Fundraising and virtual challenge events

The creativity and ingenuity of supporters has come to the foreground in the wake of COVID-19 and the need for continued financial support to all not for profit organisations. As organisations continue to adapt and serve the needs of their beneficiaries on a much tighter budget, we have found a series of online virtual fundraising resources that may be helpful in the coming weeks and months.

If it’s either running a marathon in their back garden or beginning a long-term virtual endurance event, the creativity sparking from supporters is inspiring and the online tools they can use to achieve their fundraising goals are vast. Remember, these are a series of external private and charitable organisations so you’ll need to ensure they interface well with your current supporter base, your current website, and your current giving mechanisms.



A platform for individual supporters to engage in travelling over virtual challenges – for example walking Hadrians Wall – think of it as an online Tough Mudder event with virtual leader boards.


A simple way for supporters to select the challenge and pace that works for them – a self-service option that allows people to quickly get up and fundraising.



A white label product that allows you to create group fitness challenges with two different pricing features – free and an upgraded version that comes at a cost. The upgraded version gives you the tools to create a digital community.


Run by the same organisation that deliver Conqueror Events – this platform allows you to engage multiple supporters in a single challenge and create more of a sense of community.

How to guides and inspiration


An online community of virtual support from fundraisers by fundraisers


A handy guide from Charity Digital on how to make the pivot from in person to virtual.


An article offering some inspiration on virtual events from Blackbaud.

We encourage all beyond profit organisations to ensure they are fundraising centric on their social media, website homepage, and donation section of the website. This will ensure both the emergency appeal support and ongoing support asks in the coming months will be purposeful, succinct, and memorable in the minds of your supporters.

Get in touch with the Fundraising Team at Prospectus to chat about any of your donor conversations and we can be sure to help on anecdotal evidence and examples of creativity and innovation the fundraising community is developing during this period.